Is 2014 the Year for Google Glass?

To the average person, Google Glass looks like a bulky pair of eyeglasses, except it’s far from being one. It’s a wearable computing device that feels completely natural to the wearer,designed to eliminate distraction. It’s one of Google’s most talked about products, and no doubt that the company has invested millions on developing the breakthrough technology.


Would You Wear Google Glass in Public?

Perhaps the biggest challenge Google Glass faces is that people don’t think the wearable technology looks cool. In general, people think that the $1,500 gadget looks “ugly and awkward,” says Matt Honan, who wrote about his experience using Glass in the past year. Ever since the world first heard of product, it has received strong criticism from public, with most people saying that the optical head mounted display technology looks odd and that they wouldn’t get caught wearing it.


Another challenge for Google Glass is that it can’t be worn by people who don’t have 20/20 vision, because wearing Google Glass together with their prescription eyeglasses is impossible. But Google has been looking to handle this problem. According to Slash Gear, Rochester Optical has developed prescription lenses for Google Glass in all sorts of styles, and may cost as low as $99.

New Apps Provide More Benefits for Users

Despite its unpopular start, new apps for Glass seem to be changing what people think of the device. Recently, Forbes talked about an app that Sullivan Solar Power has developed, giving its field technicians electrical systems data in a hands-free manner. This is useful especially when technicians are carrying heavy equipment with both hands while making solar installations on rooftops.


Aside from this, Google Glass users confess that because of the device, they can start answering emails, responding to messages, and navigatingtheir way around town without having to divert their attention from people or their surroundings. If you’re the type who has had a conversation with someone glued to his or her smartphone, you’ll surely love this benefit Google Glass provides. Just as Google says, it’s about “Getting technology out of the way.”

Google Glass in 2014

Everything new and groundbreaking will always start out as something absurd. But as more third-party developers create apps for Google Glass, and as Google promotes the benefits of Glass’ native apps, it’s not impossible that Google Glass will be accepted by the general public.

Google Glass is a device that tries to seamlessly integrate itself into our lives. We’re entering an age in which we can have direct access to technology without having to remove ourselves from reality. With all the improvement thatthe gadget has gone through in the past year, you can expect 2014 to be the year that it will finally be “cool.”

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