Five Resolutions that will Make You a Better Gamer in 2014

There’s nothing wrong with changing for the better. If you spent the past year arguing with other gamers, focusing on collecting trophies, boasting about completing milestones, and overspending on video games, here are a few changes you can make regarding your gaming attitudesin order to make gaming more fun and enjoyable for you and the community. Bring the joy back into gaming by practicing these five healthy gaming resolutions.

1. Quit arguing about which platform is best.


Some games are best played on an Xbox or a PlayStation and other games are best played on PCs. It’s a matter of taste and preference, and if some people don’t agree with you, don’t spend hours arguing which of you is correct. Furthermore, we’re entering an era in which gamers using different devices can start playing and interacting with one another, so the borders between platforms is already starting to fade.

2. Stop obsessing about graphics.

This is particularly more difficult for younger generations, who were spoiled with HD visuals from the start. But speaking as someone who had no choice but to play 32-bit games as a child, having jaw dropping graphics shouldn’t be the most important aspect of a game. Good visuals are not nearly as memorable as a heart wrenching storyline or exciting gameplay, so stop obsessing about the number of frames per second.

3. Stop making fun of Candy Crushers.

Yes, we get it. You may not think that those who play games such as Candy Crush or Temple Run are of the same level as you are, but that’s not a reason to mock them. Some people just want to relax and spend a few hours a day tapping on their smartphones or tablets, and that’s fine. It’s time we start welcoming all gamers—whether they’re playing Super Mario Kart or Skyrim—into a larger community that enjoys quality entertainment.

 4. Finish your backlog before buying new games.


It’s easy to fall under the trap of buying a new game even if you still have a lot you haven’t played. While having the newest titles may seem like a necessity, remember that being more practical with your choices should be the number one priority. Create a system that ensures that before you buy another game, you finish one in your backlog first.

5. Do it for the fun.

Don’t do it for the ego boost or for the trophies. And don’t even try to do it to look cool. At its very core, gaming should be done because it’s fun. If it’s starting to feel like a chore, then it’s probably not worth t. Life is too short for games that you’re not enjoying.

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