How to gain more tumblr followers the smart way

How you can gain more tumblr followers? This post will help!


Why you should gain more tumblr followers? Cause Tumblr is extremely fun to use because it has such a warm and engaging community of users that are interested in reading and sharing one another’s posts. The site popularized the idea of being able to “reblog” posts, a feature that allows bloggers to repost content from other blogs. Because of this feature, anyone on Tumblrcan keep and maintain a Tumblr blog without having to post original content.


Anyone who wants to gain a large following on Tumblr should remember that there are certain things users look for in a quality blog. If you want to have thousands of followers, you should be able to appeal to Tumblr users in such a way that they would remember you and your personality as a blogger.

Here are a few tips on how to gain followers on Tumblr:


1.Post high-quality original content.

While it’s not required that all your posts be original, it also pays to have content that come exclusively from you. Tumblr users will take note of the source of posts that they like and reblog, and if that leads them to you, chances are, they’re going to hit the Follow button.

2. Respond warmly to messages.

From time to time, you’ll see users dropping questions to your Ask box. Make the effort to respond properly to these messages. Tumblr users are more likely to remember those who respond in a warm and personal manner to their questions. If someone remembers you, they’re more likely to revisit your blog to check out your posts. If they see something interesting and they reblog it, you can expect to gain more followers.

3. Like, Comment, and Reblog Others’ Posts

If you Like or Comment on other blogs, there’s a good chance that the person who owns that blog will notice you. He or she will see that you’re interested in the same things, and will try to see if you also have a blog worth following.

4. Tag your posts.


A great way to add exposure for your blog is to tag your posts. Look for popular categories on Tumblr and tag your posts under these categories. This way, users can come across your posts when they search for their favorite categories.

5. Schedule your posts.

Because people discover new blogs on Tumblrby scrolling on their Dashboard, it pays to schedule your posts in such a way that they appear on people’s Dashboards regularly. If you post three things every Saturday, you can queue posts and have them published every Saturday, Wednesday, and Friday, so that your name will pop up on the Tumblr Dashboard regularly.

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