Inexpensive Ways to Wall-Mount Your Tablet

Planning to hang your newly bought tablet on the wall? You are spoiled for options when it comes to doing something like that and include magnetic refrigerator enclosures and under-cabinet mounts, however, they are not the most economical options and may cost you anything from $30 to $50.

Need not to worry. Whether your new gadget is your best source of entertainment, work or a kitchen companion, we will tell you how to wall-mount your tablet in an inexpensive way to ensure you get an easy access to your device.

Easy way out: Dockem ($10)


Perhaps the most convenient universal wall mount that caters to almost every such device, Dockem ensures high mobility and easy installation. Just wipe the surface of the wall clean, stick the provided Command tapes on the rear of the bracket of Dockem, and simply stick them on the desired spot on the wall. In order to move or retire the mount, all you need to do is pull off the brackets.

Ikea picture ledge ($10)


Picture ledge or tablet ledge, you can name it whatever you want, the important thing is, that Ikea’s $9.99 ledge allows you to easily blend your gadget with the interior of your home. The ledge is multipurpose, and once installed permanently, it allows you to place your tablet on it and enjoy the benefits of technology.

Measuring around 21.75 inches in length, the ledge offers some extra space for a few photo frames to make it a bit more useful.

Plate hanger ($3)


It’s the most inexpensive option as well as a little odd, but who cares? It works great.

We somehow reached the conclusion that if a plate hanger can be employed to hang an expensive porcelain piece, then why won’t it be suitable for your tablet?? So we gave it a try and trust us, it worked wonders.

If the most inexpensive and readily available solution is what you are hunting for, then simply venture tow your nearest hardware store and buy one such plate hanger for as low as $3. Just one thing to keep in mind. You should always buy the one covered which has plastic tubes covering its wires in order to protect your tablet from scratches.

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