Introduce Your Kids to the World of DreamWorks through DreamTab

DreamWorks Animation has found a new way to become meaningful to children’s lives: by releasing DreamTab, a tablet for kids that the studio developed in partnership with Fuhu. While DreamWorks films such as How to Train Your Dragon and Shrek have captivated the hearts of film-watching audiences, the studio is also looking for ways to enrich its audience’s experience at home. DreamTab features original programming from the studio, a capability to control DreamWorks merchandise, and educational content.

From TVs to Tablets


While TVs used to be the main source of entertainment for kids, tablets have grown into another prominent option. Kids these days normally borrow iPads or other tablets from their parents in order to play games or surf the Internet. That is, if they don’t already own a tablet.

According to the New York Times, Fuhu sold more than two million Nabis, a line of tablets developed for children, in 2013. Furthermore, Fuhu’s products, designed for kids aged 6 to 11, deliver 20 million streams a week. With the growing number of children getting hooked to the technology, it comes as no surprise that companies would want to develop tablets specifically for them.

DreamTab Original Content

Fuhu’s Chief Executive tells the New York Times that his company aims to develop products that will have original content that is automatically and frequently updated. While their other products offer branded content like the Disney Nabi and the Nickelodeon Nabi, DreamTab will offer original content and exclusive programming. DreamTab may also stream shows from Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network, though, even if DreamWorks’ content will be the most prominent.

How-To Videos; Toy Controls


DreamWorks has revealed that the tablet will have the same stylus technology that the studio’s artists use whenever they’re making movies. DreamWorks animators will also appear in videos to teach kids how to draw characters.

Aside from these features, DreamWorks and Fuhu are looking into the possibility of letting the tablet control DreamWorks branded toys.

Pricing and Availability

The 8-inch version of the DreamTab is slated to be available in spring 2014. The New York Times states that pricing has not been determined, though it will likely cost “under $300.” A 12-inch version of the gadget is also being considered by the companies.

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