Sony to Release a Windows Phone in Mid-2014?

After manufacturing smartphones running exclusively on the Android operating system for nearly four years, Sony is about to release smartphones that operate on Windows as early as mid-2014, according to a report by The The report states thatSony and Microsoft have had multiple talks on designing a Sony Windows Phone, though plans have not been completely finalized. It is said, however, that Sony and Microsoft have already begun designing prototypes for the Sony Windows smartphone.

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New partners

For the past few years, Nokia has been the only major smartphone manufacturer that’s been producing Windows phones. Even after Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile phone business,however, it’s said that Sony and Microsoft are pushing through with plans to produce Windows phones. report added that deals cannot be finalized yet because both sides are still “negotiating on licensing fees and preloaded software agreements.”The new product would likely fall under the VAIO brand.

Aside from this news, it’s also rumored that China-based telecommunications company ZTE Corporation is in talks with Microsoft to produce Windows phones for low-end markets in Europe, China, and the US.

Not the first time

Sony has tried to release Windows smartphones in the past, going as far as building a prototype for a Windows smartphone years ago, only to scrap the project later. Back in 2009, Sony built Windows Mobile devices such as Sony Ericsson Xperia Z1 and Sony Xperia Z2.

Looking to challenge Apple, Samsung

It’s no surprise that Microsoft and Sony are looking to get a bigger share in the multi-billion dollar smartphone market, which has been ruled by Apple and Samsung in the last couple of years. Microsoft has struggled to compete with Android and iOS as the major operating systems in the mobile sphere. Sony, on the other hand, has found some success producing Android smartphones, but lags behind other Android smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC.


This partnership could bring some fresh competition in the smartphone market, because the combination of Sony’s hardware and Microsoft’s Windows platform could introduce products that can take consumer interest away from typical smartphone choices.

If Microsoft wants to truly break into the mobile sphere, though, partnering with larger manufacturers like Samsung and HTC would be ideal. While Samsung has already produced Windows phones before, it has yet to produce a flagship product under the Windows OS. HTC has also released Windows phone, but has not met the type of success it has with its Android products. Either way, though, this is exciting news for both Sony and Microsoft.

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