Would You Spend $150,000 for Samsung’s110-Inch TV?

Just when you thought that TVs can’t get any bigger, Samsung unveils its latest monster product: a 110-inch Ultra-HD (4K) television, which sells for about $152,000 in Korea. Yes, that’s right—a TV bigger than your bed. The ultra-HD TV has four times the resolution of regular high-def TVs, giving viewers superior picture quality and displaying 8 million pixels rather than 2 million.

Unbelievable Size


Samsung’s 110-inch 4K TVmeasures 2.6 meters by 1.8 meters. It has a resolution of 3840 x 2160, almost reaching the level of movie theaters, which show images in 4096 x 2160. If you’re a big spender looking to add a home theater to your house, Samsung’s 110-inch TV will give you a movie experience just as impressive as going out to watch a film. Aside from this unbelievable 110-inch TV, Samsung introduced an 85-inch unit earlier in 2013 that costs around $40,000.

4K TVs, the Future of Television


While OLED TVs used to be called the future of TV, Samsung and LG Electronics have been unable to replace LCD with OLED as the standard for TVs because of the difficulty of producing larger and more affordable OLED TVs. On the other hand, demand for 4K TVs is expected to rise as its price will likely decrease faster than that of OLED TVs. The new 4K TVs are also smart TVs, giving viewers access to Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and Hulu Plus. While content suited for 4K is still not massive, we can expect studios releasing films and videos in 4K format soon.

Demand Expected from China


Samsung expects most of the demand for its new 110-inch TV to come from China, though the company also has buyers from the Middle East and Europe. Samsung has also revealed that the TV will be available for a special order in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2014. So as the price of 4K drops steadily, we can expect demand to rise in these regions. According to NPD Group, average prices for 4K are expected to fall below $1,000 in China next year, while the average will still remain around $2,000 in North America.

Buying the 110-inch 4K TV


While buying Samsung’s 110-inch 4K TV is achievable for some,it’s more advisable to wait for prices to drop further before shelling out $150,000 for the colossal TV. But rest assured, monster TVs for large, spacious homes are no longer just products of our imagination. Bring out the popcorn and hotdogs and get ready to be absorbed by these monster TVs!

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