Is it Time to Quit Facebook?

Facebook is the most widely used social networking site on the Internet. Facebook said last year that its daily active users have grown 25% to 728 million as of September 2013 and that its monthly active users have grown 18% to $1.19 billion as of September 2013. With that kind of user base, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’re also hooked to the social networking site.


But a lot of people are also getting tired of Facebook, saying that it’s starting to get “boring” or “annoying.” If you’re one of the persons who are wondering if it’s time to drop your account, consider these reasons to quit using Facebook for good.

1. It throws your privacy out the window.


In October 2013, Facebook dropped the feature thatkeeps users from appearing in the results whenever someone types their name on the search bar. That means that anyone who types your name can have instant access to your profile. Aside from that, Facebook requires users to tweak their privacy settings per item. If you’re a busy person who can’t be bothered to tweak your settings, you might fall into the trap of accidentally posting things that only a handful should see.

2. Breakups get even harder to handle.

As if cutting ties with a former love isn’t hard enough, Facebook makes it even harder by giving you access to your ex’s timeline any time you want (see #1), even if you delete him or her from your friends list. Furthermore, if you have common friends, his or her public posts may still appear on your timeline if your close friends Like or Comment.

3. The ads.

In December 2013, Facebook made an update that makes sponsored videos play automatically. Yes, get ready to scroll down tons of auto-playing Carl’s Jr. or Verizon ads, on top of the other sponsored posts that your newsfeed is already saturated with. These days, it’s getting difficult to find your friends’ posts amidst all the advertisements.

4. Your parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are on Facebook.


If you’re a teenager or a young adult, chances are, your parents are snooping on your Facebook timeline more often than you’d like. Forget about posting a status regarding how you believe the older generation has failed yours. And forget about posting that picture you took with Justin Bieber the night you snuck out of your house to watch his concert. Actually, even the things you say that are completely okay with your friends will be shot down by your parents.

5. It keeps you from focusing on your own successes.

Sharing your life’s accomplishments is a natural impulse, and seeing others be successful is just as wonderful. But if you’re in a particularly low point and you see others get the things you’ve worked hard for, it breeds contempt one way or the other. Because people are not likely to share their difficulties in life, Facebook sometimes paints the illusion that others are living happy and perfect lives, while you’re not.

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